Paris: Culture and Commerce.
A Study-Tour Course Focusing on Paris and Surrounding Area.

Taylor Turner at LouvreMuseum

UCO student Taylor Turner having a good time before entering the Louvre Museum.
Photo by Brianne Fluhr, also a UCO student.

1. Spring Break 2017 (March 10 - March 19).
  The Spring Break 2017 Study Tour is presently open for enrollment.
  Enrollment is limited to the first 10 who commit - Check below for details.
  See Dr. Saba Bahouth ASAP to enroll before all seats are taken.
   (Room 200 College of Business - E-mail: - Tel. 405-974-2819 ).
2. August 2016 (July 29 to August 8)
  We are sorry, the August 2016 study tour is already full. Consider joining the Spring Break 2017 Study Tour before all seats are gone.


A Course about Paris in Paris.
(10 days - 3 Credit Hours)
Paris: Culture and Commerce
A Study-Tour Focusing on Paris and Surrounding Area
Take this course as an elective, a substitute, or to satisfy a global/international requirement.
Open to all UCO students regardless of their major. No prerequisite.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page"  (St. Augustine, 354-430)

"When good Americans die, they go to Paris"  (Oscar Wilde)

Places of Interest
Perfume Making Facility
Champagne Facility
Moët and Chandon
Fashion Houses
Fauchon Foods
Rodin Museum
La Defense District
Lafayette / Printemps
Many other businesses

Click above for video

Cultural Sites
Louvre & Orsay Museums
Montmartre / Sacre Coeur Notre Dame Cathedral
Bastille / Invalides
Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
The City of Reims
Sorbonne University
Many other cultural visits

 -   Study Tour cost is $3,495.
   -   Study tour cost includes airfare, hotel, breakfast, all transportation and admission fees.
   -   $1,000 cost reduction assistance is available to business students (ie: total cost = $2,495).
   -   Payments in three installments.  See the "Information and Requirements" section below.
   -   Tax credit for education is applicable
   -   $500 additional scholarships available (See Marco Rodriguez, Center for Global Competency).

   Enrollment already started and is limited to the first 10. 
   -   Instructor’s permission required (you cannot enroll online).
   -   See Dr. Saba Bahouth now for questions and for enrollment:

       Room 200 College of Business - E-mail: - Tel. 974-2819 or 974-2833.


Click on the following links for:
  What Previous Participants Say
  Pictures of Previous Participants
  Pictures of Paris
  News Article - AA
  Webpage of Dr. Saba Bahouth


NOTE: Visits to all sites and locations are accompanied by a professional explanation of the historical, cultural and/or commercial impact of that site.

Friday           Leave OKC to Paris

Saturday       Arrive Paris in the morning.
Morning:        Introduction to (and practice of) Metro, train and bus systems.  How to use them like a local.
Afternoon:      Orientation: Palais Garnier/Opera (March); Trocadero; Eiffel Tower; Notre Dame de Paris.
Evening:        Part of the Latin Quarter; St. Michel; St Germain des Pres Cafes.

Morning:        Bastille; New Opera; Place des Vosges; Home of Victor Hugo; Perfume making facility.
Afternoon:      Palais Garnier/Opera (August); Place Vendome: Tuileries.
Evening:        Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur – French life and culture from 1850 to present.

Morning:        Visit a Champagne making facility in Epernay: Moet et Chandon – The largest in the world.
Afternoon:      Visit Reims – Midsize City: Economy, commerce and life; Notre Dame de Reims; Roman Forum.
Evening:        Le Marais area and Paris Hotel de Ville (Town hall).

Morning:        Sainte Chapelle of Louis IX; La Conciergerie; The Archeological Crypt.
Afternoon:      Auguste Rodin Museum at Biron’s Mansion; Napoleon I Tomb at the Invalides (Reverse in August)
Evening:        Alexandre III Bridge; Champs Elysees; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; Top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Morning:        Roman Paris; La Sorbonne University; The Pantheon.
Afternoon:      Visit The Gobelins – High end tapestry making facility – tour the workshop; Pont des Arts.
Evening:        Louvre Museum – Most important museum in the world (late night opening); Royal Palace Richelieu.

Morning:        La Defense business center; La Defense Business Office.
Afternoon:      Fauchon Foods; La Madeleine; Place Concorde area; L’Orangerie (Monet's Water Lilies).
Evening:        Orsay Museum – The museum of the Impressionists (late night opening).

Versailles Palace (In the summer when the fountains of Versailles are running).
The Gardens of Versailles.
Evening:        Activity of choice:
Top of Eiffel Tower or free evening.

Friday or Saturday
Morning:        Chateau de Vincennes.
Your choice: Royal Crypt at Saint Denis; Benchmarking at Lafayette/Champs Elysees/Rue Montaigne.
Evening:        Your Choice: Top of Eiffel Tower or revisit Montmartre.

Last day in France
Morning:        Small Town Economy - Auvers-sur-Oise: Park; Eglise d’Auvers painting; Tomb of Vincent Van Gogh.
Afternoon:      Tour the town; Track of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings; Town Hall; Tourism Office; Chateau d’Auvers.
Evening:        Say good-bye to Paris.

Sun or Mon   Leave Paris to OKC in the morning.  Get to OKC in the evening.

Note:             We might have to adjust, delete, or add to the schedule as necessary.


A walk along the romantic Seine River

About the Instructor

Dr. Saba Bahouth, Ph.D., is a professor of Business Administration at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Before joining UCO, Dr. Bahouth worked for consulting and operating international companies and spent several years in Western Europe.  He lived in, worked in, and traveled in more than 35 different countries.  He studied the French language, literature, history, art, and architecture for more than fifteen years and has been to France on numerous occasions.  His interest in France includes the impact of the intellectual, social and political changes, between 1648 and 1914, that led the transformational process to the present modern Western Continental Europe.


·         A Three-hour course.  This course may be used to satisfy the International Course requirement.

·         This course may be used as an elective for any major.

·         The cost includes airfare, hotel, breakfast, transportation, and all entry fees.

·         Instructor’s permission is required to enroll.  The group will consist of 10 students and the instructor.

·         We will use reliable public transportation and do a lot of walking – Comfortable shoes a must.

·         Students should be able to travel with an airline carry-on on the way to Paris (22").

·         Hotel accommodation is in double rooms, single beds.

·          Hotel rooms will be assigned based on gender.  All rooms will have in-suite bathroom. 

·         Students will pay for lunch and dinner.  Dependent on location, several options may be provided.

·         Sometimes, if the weather permits it, we will have picnic lunches.

·        Students have to attend a social gathering for the group to get to know each other.

·         Students have to attend four classes (two hours each) on four weekends, before leaving.

·         Students have to prepare for these four classes.  Level of preparation will have an impact on grade.

·         Students have to attend a two-hour post trip meeting, submit their journal & prepare a research poster.

·         Students have to have a valid passport.  Visa not required for US passport holders.

·         Students holding other than US passports will be responsible for getting their own visa if required.

·         Students will have to sign a form releasing UCO from responsibility.

·         Students will have to buy an international insurance (Around $50).

·         Students will be asked to provide contact information in the USA in case of emergency.

·         Students will be encouraged to provide information on any health issue they might have.

·         First payment of $1,200 is required to reserve a seat; your place is then guaranteed.

·         Making the first payment as early as possible gets you a better seat on the plane.

·         Second payment of $1,295 is due by Nov. 28, 2016.  Balance payment of $1,000 is due by Jan. 23, 2017.

·         All payments, once made, are non refundable.  Early payments help getting better accommodation.

·         Students must take with them (from OKC) 1 passport-size photo for the Metro Pass in Paris.

·         Students agree to limit cell phone usage to emergencies and not use MP3 (or similar) when with group.

·         Students will partner with each other if engaging in any activity outside the group, outside class.

·         Paris is relatively safe, but no place is completely safe.  Students have to follow the safety instructions.

·         Students have the obligation of informing the instructor of any concerns or potential problems.

I received the above information before committing myself to this course and expenses.

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Scholarships and Insurance


Financial Assistance for Study Tours:

Do not apply for these scholarship before you first meet with Dr. Bahouth.


1. Use the following link to apply for the College of Business Financial Assistance for International Education:  This is a $1,000 financial assistance controlled by the College of Business and awarded to all students majoring in a business field provided their Cumulative GPA is at least 2.5.  Students who have a minor in a business field are limited to $500.


2. Use the following link to apply for the Global Transformative Learning Scholarship:  This is a competitive $500 transformative learning scholarship available through the Center for Global Competency.


Required International Insurance:

All students going on a study tour are required to apply for this insurance at the following website:


You are encouraged to click on the following link to find information about this international insurance:  

You will find informational video on what this insurance provides, how to file claims, and how to follow claims.

You can also search for overseas providers at this link: