Economics and International Business


Economics and International Business

A UCO Economics education teaches you how the real world works: consumers, firms, markets, corporations, legislatures, even families. Here you learn to analyze the facts in terms of tradeoffs and incentives.

Face it. You need an edge to catch the eye of prospective employers. And since success depends upon a business' ability to adapt to a global economy, a solid understanding of economics can give you that edge. The UCO Economics and International Business Department can arm you with the knowledge you need to get a job, or to pursue graduate economics or law degrees.

It's the best way to learn. And with small classes, it's how we teach. Here, you'll get individual attention from experienced mentors. Each of our ten full-time professors holds a doctorate. As a group, they offer a truly broad range of experience in business, consulting, and government. This, combined with extensive practical research, provides our faculty the expertise and understanding needed to offer support and direction to our students. You can get even more personal attention by enrolling in an independent study course and work on exciting research projects.

We have three different degree options, including our new Energy Economics degree, to help us meet your needs. Whether you want to prepare for life in business, government, or grad school we have the degree for you.


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Department Spotlight

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Energy Economics!

The program will provide the entire set of core skills that economics majors are expected to possess but will address numerous problems encountered in the oil, natural gas and electric industries. Students will also be exposed to regulatory issues and significant quantitative analysis.

Economics and International Business