Professional Selling Program

professonal-sales-labThe University of Central Oklahoma Professional Selling Program is focused on providing education and training for students to compete in the world of selling. Students receive cognitive, affective and behavioral training allowing them to compete in the selling marketplace. The sales curriculum combines practical and intellectual training in the art and science of personal sales.

In business, nothing happens until a sale is made. The sales force is the direct link between the customer and the company. The UCO Professional Selling Program prepares the student to enter the workforce with established sales skills and an understanding of the selling process. Graduates of the program are equipped to excel in the professional sales environment.

The program targets individuals who show aptitude in the selling and leadership process. Progressing through classroom experiences, internships and practical application of the selling skills process, the student becomes adept in the art of selling. Local industry in conjunction with industry-trained instructors, equip the student with the latest in sales skills. Upon completion of the program, the student is ready to step into the world of sales, needing only product knowledge to be an effective sales employee.  


Why Major in Professional Selling at UCO?

The H.R. Chally Group reports that 66 percent of business students and 82 percent of marketing students will be employed in sales-related jobs at some time in their career. Wouldn't you like to be trained in the profession and art of sales before you leave the collegiate world? The selling field is exciting and practical with excellent prospects for employment upon graduation. 

The UCO Professional Selling Program is dedicated to developing UCO students into the sales leaders of tomorrow. Our small class sizes facilitate hands on instruction and interaction with your instructors. Industry experts speakers and a dedicated faculty guarantee a first class education in the profession of selling. 

Your courses will provide you with the necessary interpersonal communication, professional selling, sales management, and leadership skills to be successful in a sales career. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to compete to represent the university at national sales competitions. Employers will be interested in meeting you to discuss job opportunities because you are trained in the art of selling. 

The Professional Selling Program is an associate member of the University Sales Center Alliance

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