Curriculum & Course Descriptions

The Cornerstone Experience

BADM 5005 - Leading In a Globally-Competitive Environment 
Helps students develop effective communication and leadership skills and examines diversity and ethics in a variety of cultural contexts.                                                                                                                                                     

The Core Experience

BADM 5115 - Human Capital Management                                                                            
Identifies current issues in human capital management with emphasis on behavioral and legal aspects of the overall organization.


BADM 5215 - Quantitative Modeling                         Identifies managerial/organizational decision methods and the role of statistics for the analysis of business modeling. The development and implementation of such analysis and modeling systems will be explored.

BADM 5125 - Accounting and Finance 
Introduces new students to key functions of both finance and accounting in an organization. Emphasis is on how to analyze, interpret and communicate a variety of financial information to management, co-workers, employees, customers and other interested stakeholders. Topics will be covered through lectures, discussion problems, cases and hands-on project assignments. 

BADM 5205 - Managing Business Processes with Information Technology 
Provides a systems view of an organization and enables students to apply appropriate operations models and information technology concepts and applications.

BADM 5135 - Prices, Profits and the Market Economy
Examines the market economy from Economics and Marketing points of view. Special emphasis is placed on the economic constraints and opportunities marketing.

The Capstone Experience

BADM 5305 - Strategic Integration 
This class is designed to enhance and assess the student's cognitive skills in solving business problems.



The MBA Program at the University of Central Oklahoma provides a unique learning experience that will give each graduate the managerial and leadership skills to be productive, creative, ethical and engaged, excelling in everyday decision-making in varied business environments.