Program & Course Descriptions

MBA 5001: Boot Camp (evenings or weekend before first semester begins) 

Module 1 (August - October)
Managerial Problem Solving
Managerial Economics
Managerial Communication I

Module 2 (October - December) 
Managerial Finance
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Communication II

Module 3 (January - March)
Organizational Behavior
Managerial Statistics
Building Teams

Module 4 (March - May)
Decision Making with Marketing
Managerial & Operational Analytics

Module 5 (June - July)
International Immersion Experience or Internship

Module 6 (August - October)
Leadership, Power and Politics

Module 7 (October - December)
Strategic Human Resource Management
Financial Market and Investment Management
Integrative Project I

Module 8 (January - March)
Business Ethics & Sustainability
Conflict Mangement and Negotiation
Integrative Project II

Module 9 (March - May)
Organizational Change and Innovation
Strategic Management
Integrative Project III



The MBA Program at the University of Central Oklahoma provides a unique learning experience that will give each graduate the managerial and leadership skills to be productive, creative, ethical and engaged, excelling in everyday decision-making in varied business environments.